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How To Make Environmental Contributions

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Global warming is threatening to worsen the global food crisis. The warmer turn of the global climate is currently destroying the world’s supply of rice and other crops. As concerned citizens, we should do something before global warming further threatens our existence on this planet. We should save the planet in our own little ways and create environmentally-friendly items. Better act now, while a collective human effort can still stop global warming.

Environmentally friendly items come in many forms. Large devices like turbines and combustion engines can turn waste into useful energy. Small and simple items like composters and recycle bins also promote the decomposition of biodegradable matter and the reuse of non-biodegradable items. These environmentally friendly devices are aimed to stop or lessen the various types of pollution that plague almost every city in the world.

You can leave the job of creating large machinery to your local government since they practically cost thousands or even millions of dollars. Instead, you can combat global warming by creating a recycling bin from your trash cans and a composter from your home’s spare supply of wood.
Recycling Bin
A recycling bin is pretty easy to make. You just have line up three trash cans together and appropriately label them as biodegradable, compostable, and non-biodegradable. Of course, you have to religiously throw trash in accordance to the labels that you created for the recycling bin to work.

When you hand your recycling bin to a garbage collector, he would readily place your trash in your city’s recycling depot. From that point, your city will properly recycle, compost and reuse your segregated trash en route to lessening the pollution levels in your area.
The composter is a bit more complicated to make than the recycling bin. You will need to do some carpentry to create a backyard composter for your home. Check your storage room for unused wooden items such as cabinets, cupboards and closets. When you have assembled enough wooden items, you can use your carpentry tools to physically manipulate wooden furniture into your own multi-layered composter.

By using a composter, you will be able to see the results yourself. You can use your composted trash as fertilizers after they go through all the stages of composting. Not only are you eliminating pollution, but you are also improving the soil quality of your garden with a home composter.
You as an Environmentally-Friendly Citizen
You can stop patronizing products that are known to contain greenhouse gases like aerosol sprays, styrofoam, and fossil fuels. If you own an automobile, switch to unleaded gas so that your vehicle will not be a roving pollutant. As an individual, you are also responsible for influencing your friends and neighbors to take a more environmentally friendly turn with their daily activities. Everyone may think that you are corny but what is a little humiliation if the thing at stake is human existence. Eventually, you’ll be a hero if you manage to stop global warming.

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