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How To Make A Musical Drum Kit

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How many times have you swayed your body and moved your head listening to your favorite music genre? You have probably grooved to the music more times than you can count. There are a lot of factors responsible for this occurrence, but none comes close to the tempo-setting ability of the drums. If you are adept at playing the drums, you can control the movements of your listeners as they move to the beats that you and your instrument produce. Assemble a drum set before someone else beats you to the spotlight.

Drums are the most popular percussion instruments in the world. In fact, every single music genre uses drums and most of those genres can be differentiated just by listening to the beats emitted by this musical instrument. Drums come in various types that produce different sounds and pitches. You can purchase all the different types of drums from almost every music store but you will have to shell out a significant amount of cash. Instead, you can save hundreds of dollars and get the same sound quality by building your own drums.

Drums are very hard to make as the construction process gives very little room for error. A slight miscalculation in the drums’ dimensions can alter the sound produced by these instruments. You may end up paying more than a purchased drum if you are not careful with the construction procedures. Fortunately, music manufacturers saw this concern and created drum kits. You can simply purchase a drum kit and position all the parts appropriately.

Materials Used:

  • drum kit
  • spare drumheads

Picking a Good Drum Kit

Among all the music instrument kits, the drum kit involves the least amount of effort since you do not have to connect drum parts components together. The real challenge is finding a drum kit that will fit your playing ability and match your playing style. Some drum kits are specially constructed for beginners, while others are tailor-made for the most complex jazz tunes. You have to gauge your playing skills before you purchase a drum kit. You should also consider the amount of cash that you are willing to spend since the prices of drum kits range from a little over a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

If you are low on cash and you want a good drum kit, you can just purchase a medium quality kit then purchase top quality drumheads. Switch the kit’s drumheads with your purchased drumheads and you will notice that your drums sound like a jazz drummer’s dream.

Guide and Assemble

When you have purchased a drum kit, go and check the assembly guide found inside the kit. You will know where to position each drum and cymbal. You will also know how to disassemble each drum part if ever they get damaged. Of course, you have the freedom to arrange the drums in any way you want, but the arrangement provided by the guide is the universal standard. If you are left handed, just reverse the order shown in the guide and you’ll be okay.

When you have mastered the contents of your guide, get all the various drums and arrange them accordingly. The bass drum is placed at the bottom of the pile and right above it are the two tom tom drums. Beside the bass drum is the hi-hat cymbal. Place the large tom drum behind the bass then position the snare drum on the opposite side of the large tom. Finally, finish the assembly by placing the other cymbal on the left side of the hi-hat.

Disengage and Engage

If you want to switch drumheads, you can first loosen the holder clamps found on the side of a drum. Swing the rim free then switch drumheads. Once done, return the rim and then tighten the clamp back in place.

Now, you can finally turn your aggression into good music with your new set of drums. Have fun!

Watch The Video

How to Build a Drum Kit

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Assembling Your Drum Set - Drum Kit Set Up

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