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How To Make A Pirate Costume

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Shiver me timbers! You are in dire need of a costume this coming Halloween! All of your friends have selected the scariest monsters for their Halloween costumes, which leaves you with nothing but frustration. Fortunately, you have a fascination for legendary sea scoundrels, otherwise known as pirates. You can take full advantage of your fascinations by becoming a pirate this Halloween. With a pirate’s colorful costume and unparalleled charisma, it’ll be a cinch to win the best costume award.

Pirate’s costumes found in toy stores lack the components necessary for you to look like an actual pirate. The costume’s components are usually made of plastic and look pretty shabby. You can opt to purchase one if you are quite low on funds, but if you want to really look like a pirate, make the costume yourself.

If you plan to make a pirate costume, your primary focus should be on the tiny details. Remember that a pirate captain is particular with his wardrobe. You should be prepared to scour department stores for shiny sequins, buttons and buckles. Also, you will need to purchase unconventional items such as a pirate’s hat, a cadet’s uniform and an eye patch.

Materials Used:

  • pirate’s hat
  • red cadet’s uniform
  • pair of black long boots
  • golden sequins
  • golden buttons
  • golden toy pistols
  • strapped gun holsters
  • eye patch
  • high quality toy sword
  • wig with long scruffy hair
  • scruffy toy beard
  • long feather

Pirate’s Hat

To create your pirate costume, you can start off with the pirate captain’s favorite article of clothing, his hat. Go to a reputable toy store and look for a large and realistic pirate’s hat. Once you’ve purchased a pirate hat, attach a few sequins to it. Place a long feather on it to complete the hat’s classic effect. You can even affix rows of golden studs around the hat’s exterior if you want to push the envelope.

Pirate’s Coat

To minimize the amount of work for the pirate’s coat, you could purchase a red cadet’s uniform. Replace the coat’s buttons with golden buttons. You could sew sequins and medals on the sides of the coat to add more prestige. When the coat is ready, wear a white undershirt and a couple of strapped gun holsters complete with toy pistols to make your pirate costume look menacing.

Pirate’s Bottom Garb

The pirate’s bottom garb usually comes in the form of black leather jeans, black belt with a skull buckle, and a pair of black boots. These items can be found in most clothing stores, with the exception of the skull belt buckle, which is often found in accessory stores for rockers and bikers. When you have purchased the clothing, go to a toy store and get a toy sword, toy grenades, a spyglass and a toy map. Affix all the weapons and accessories to your pants with the use of your belt and each item’s belt clasps. Once done, your costume is almost ready.

Other Accessories

Most pirate captains sport long hair and long beards to make them look scary. If you are incapable of growing facial hair, you can purchase a long-haired wig, a fake beard and a fake moustache from a toy store. To complete the accessories of your costume, wear an eye patch and affix a toy parrot to your pirate’s coat.

You now have an exceptional pirate’s costume. Go and ransack all the rum and costume awards in the upcoming Halloween party. Just be ready to run when you see someone wearing a British naval officer costume.

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