How To Make A Composter
by howtomakestuff Posted March 16th, 2008

You can make your own composter if you have all the proper materials.

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How to Make a Dog House
by aileen Posted October 28th, 2009

Make your dog’s life more comfortable by making him a place of his own. Don’t let your dog lie anywhere to rest. Here are some steps you can follow to make a dog house.
Materials and Tools You’ll Need

Exterior plywood sheet
untreated board
Pressure treated board
A quarter of paint or wood stain
A box of 1-5/8″ galvanized [...]

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How to Make Crab Boil
by Marck Posted October 24th, 2009

The bounty of the sea is a gastronomic delight for many diners and cooks. Crabs, in particular, are very well-liked for their flavor, and many people like to pick on the delicious crab meat and roe found inside. If you want to make eating fresh crab a fun activity for everyone to enjoy, [...]

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How to Make Wontons
by Marck Posted October 20th, 2009

The humble wonton is a common dish served in many Chinese restaurants. Some people think of wontons whenever “Chinese food” is mentioned, whether it’s steamed or fried on its own, or used as an ingredient on soups and broths. You need to go to pricey Chinese and Oriental restaurants to have a taste [...]

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How to Make an Advent Wreath
by aileen Posted October 16th, 2009

Christmas is just a couple of months away. To prepare for this season, most families set up advent wreaths at home. Advent is a period of preparation for the coming of Christ. Here are some steps to make your own Advent wreath.
Things You’ll Need:

Wreath frame
Fresh boughs
Candle holders
3 violet candles
1 rose candle
1 white candle
Florist wire


Have a [...]

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How To Make Cloud Cookery For School Projects
by aileen Posted October 12th, 2009

Making clouds is a good activity for you to understand the processes that happen during cloud formation. Here are some easy steps you can follow to make clouds.
Things You’ll Need:

A clear plastic juice bottle with cap.
Pump attachment
Fireplace matches
Glue gun and glue sticks


Make a hole on the cap big enough for the pump attachment to go [...]

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How to Make Profiteroles
by Carmelia Posted October 6th, 2009

Profiteroles are a delicious dessert that are slowly becoming popular again. They are small little pastries with a crunchy exterior, a chewy exterior with a cream filling and a chocolate shell to boot. They can be combined to make profiterole towers, an attractive alternative to cakes. Sound like a challenge you’d like to take on? [...]

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How to Make a Heating Pad
by Carmelia Posted October 5th, 2009

A heating pad is a very important item to have around in the household. Whether it’s a headache, menstrual cramps or other pains, a heating pad would make for a great help. This heating pad is also made with organic and recycled materials, so you don’t have to contribute to any more waste by buying [...]

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